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ATP Event Experts is a €90 million business specialising in group travel, conferences and event management. As part of leading travel company ATP The Advanced Travel Partner, with offices in 8 countries around the globe and partners in a further 50, we are in the enviable position of having local insight and knowledge just about anywhere in the world.

We believe that to deliver the best results it is essential to establish a real partnership with our clients, to identify key corporate objectives and establish how travel can become integrated into marketing or HR plans to more effectively achieve these goals. Only then can we go to work organising the event, or creating the incentive package, that is required.  We are committed to delivering creative and cost effective solutions that are both aspirational and motivating.

ATP Meetings is a fully managed meetings service with precisely the right procedural focus and excellent buying power for arranging thousands of meetings in hundreds of locations and in dozens of countries.

ATP will deliver exceptional experiences and a powerful return for your people, your products and your pocket

If you would like to find out how ATP Events & Experiences can make a difference to your events and your bottom line please contact Dee Winbourne.

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