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Code of Practice


This Code of Practice (Code) shall govern the spirit and method of all commercial activities of Event Organiser Members of Eventia whenever and however they conduct their business. An acceptance of the Code by Eventia Members and their agreement to honour it shall represent an essential criterion for membership of the Association.


For the purpose of the Code, the following definitions shall apply:-

2.1 Event(s) / Programme(s)
A gathering of people convened or invited by a Client.

2.2 Member(s)
Event organisers whose commercial skills and experience qualify them to successfully design and implement Events to take place either in the United Kingdom or overseas.

2.3 Client(s)
Those companies or organisations that purchase Event Management services and related Programmes or Events from recognised Eventia Members.

2.4 Supplier(s)
Hotels, Event venues, transport companies, destination management companies, caterers, entertainment providers and other such organisations - including professional consultancies - that provide services that form part of any Event or Programme constructed by recognised Eventia Members.

2.5 Participant(s)
A person who qualifies to take part in a Programme or is a guest or delegate attending an Event.


3.1 Professional conduct (Application of the Code)
The Code shall be applied by all Eventia Event Organiser Members in order to uphold the aims of the Association and to prevent such Members bringing the Association in particular and the events industry in general into disrepute.

3.2 Business Practice
All Eventia Members shall undertake to conduct their business lawfully and to act in the interests of Clients when offering or providing business solutions that incorporate Events or related Programmes. Relationships with other Members, Clients and Suppliers shall be conducted ethically and in a spirit of fair and honest competition when bidding for, or operating, business. Members may trade with multiple Clients in any specific industry sector. Issues of confidentiality and potential conflicts of interest will be discussed and agreed between the Member and Clients in all cases.

3.3 The Law
No Programme or Event designed or operated by an Eventia Member shall be in breach of the law of the United Kingdom, the European Community or any other country where any such Programme or Event may take place. All Programmes shall be operated in compliance with prevailing statutory, legal and regulatory requirements.

3.4 Taxation
Eventia Members shall recommend that their Clients take appropriate professional advice regarding the possible tax implications of Programmes operated through or by them. Under no circumstances shall an Eventia Member attempt to aid a Client or a Participant in any practice designed to evade the payment of taxes.

3.5 Trust and responsibilities
All Eventia Members shall seek to present solutions or promotional tools that are achievable, practical, clear, desirable and inoffensive to the Client and all Participants, attendees or guests. No Member shall abuse the trust of their Clients or Participants by any form of misrepresentation or the exploitation of lack of experience or knowledge.

3.6 Levels of Service
Eventia Members shall use their best endeavours to ensure that any Programme or Event they design matches or exceeds the requirements of their Client and gives satisfaction to Participants attendees or guests. Members will strive to continually improve their product and services and to undertake staff education and training to achieve the highest standards of service.

3.7 Public Interest
Eventia Members shall ensure that both the design and implementation of Programmes or Events should not conflict with the public interest in any way, either in the UK or overseas. In particular, Members must not design Programmes or Events that encourage violent or anti-social behaviour, damage to property or the causing of nuisance or injury to any Participant or member of the public.

3.8 Fees and conditions
Eventia Members shall charge reasonable fees for their time, expertise and experience and shall operate in strict accordance with their Terms and Conditions, details of which must be made known to the Client at the time of proposal. The determination of what constitutes a reasonable fee shall be a matter for negotiation and agreement between the Member and the Client.

3.9 Financial Administration
Eventia Members are committed to handling all Clients' funds, and notably prepayments, with complete financial probity and in accordance with all relevant legal requirements and appropriate best practices.


4.1 Business Practice
Eventia Members shall adhere to the principles of fair trading with Suppliers, especially relating to the payment for goods and services contractually agreed. In the case of a dispute a Member shall be entitled to only withhold payment for the disputed element of the service, pending negotiation and agreement with the Supplier.

4.2 Competition
Eventia Members shall at no time attempt to restrict or inhibit Suppliers in the sale of goods and services to other Event Management companies.

4.3 Competitive tender
In cases where Eventia Members know that they are in competition with other companies for a particular Programme or Event, this fact must be made known to a Supplier at the time of requesting services, unless this would be contrary to the requirements of the Client as set out in Clause 4.4.

4.4 Client disclosure
Clients' requirements for confidentiality shall be respected except where this would prevent the proper performance of the contract, in which case the Client and Suppliers must be advised.


5.1 Complaints Procedure
In the event that a Client or Supplier or another Member considers that an Eventia Member has acted in violation of the Association's Code of Practice, they have the right to make formal representation to Eventia. A committee will be convened upon receipt of a complaint, and will comprise prominent individuals from the events industry whose business activities do not represent a conflict of interest with any party involved in the dispute. This committee will report to the Eventia Board. The Board has the power to determine the appropriate course of action under Article 8 of the Articles of Association, including termination of membership in the event of a material violation.

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