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Eventia Ambassadors

Meet the Eventia Ambassadors.

In order to recognize a small number of high profile and influential industry people who have been outstanding contributors to the association in the past, and to ensure that their experience and expertise continues to influence th Board, Eventia now has an ambassador programme. 

Each Ambassador has been selected because of their specific area of knowledge, expertise and experience in the industry. The position does not carry Board status but it is envisaged it would almost exclusively be filled by former Board Members. 

Ambassadors include: 

  • Izania Downie, Director, Solutions Ltd
  • Nigel Cooper, Divisional Managing Director, Motivcom
  • Aileen Reuter, Marketing Director, Grass Roots
  • Leigh Jagger, Chief Executive Officer, Banks Sadler
  • John Walker, Managing Director, Oxford International
  • Canada Tourism Commission
  • Active Events
  • Event Assured

Industry Partners