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Events Organisers

As an event professional, why join Eventia?

Whether you are an agency, corporate, association or freelance event organiser, gain recognition and credibility as an event professional. Access the latest industry intelligence, research, toolkits, guides and standards and be represented at government.

What you will gain from engaging with us:

  • The opportunity to raise  the profile of events within the business media, raise the professionalism of our industry and more specifically the importance of your role as an event professional
  • The opportunity to speak and provide content for industry seminars and conferences
  • The opportunity to contribute towards articles in the business and trade media on issues facing our industry
  • Participation in various focus groups working on solutions to issues in the industry
  • The ability to benefit from strategic alliances with other professional development bodies
  • Representation in government through various channels on issues affecting your business
    • We provide representation on the Business Visits & Events Partnership, a collective of all industry bodies involved in business tourism for the purpose of influencing change through the legislative process
    • The Tourism Alliance lobby on our behalf with direct connection to the Minister of Tourism and other high level government officials
  • Access to the latest industry information and research
    • The UK Events Market Trends Survey – an annual research report compiled on industry trends
    • Industry fact sheets on various key issues affecting our businesses
    • Complimentary copies of documents and communication from Business Visits & Events Partnership
    • The latest industry research & reports, updates on regulatory and legislative issues.
  • Access to toolkits, guides and industry standards. The ability to be involved and influence the creation of these including:
  • A full CSR toolkit with information on how to run more sustainable events and businesses
  • An easy step by step guide to BS8901
  • Templates for contracts, terms & conditions between agencies and corporates
  • CIPS guide to procuring event services
  • Health & Safety handbook – currently in progress
  • The use of the ‘venue location service’  - a comprehensive search engine to source venues and local expertise
  • Opportunities to attend exclusive industry events
    • Including reduced rates for all your team at Eventia training & educational events
  • Access to specialist services:
    • Free access to a Business Support Helpline on legal, financial, employment and other issues
    • VAT Helpline, advice and assistance on VAT matters
  • A listing on the Eventia website
  • Free job vacancy advertising on the Eventia website
  • The use of the Eventia logo on all marketing material - setting members apart as ‘best in class’

Committees (members only):

  • Eventia has working committees covering key areas such as: Education, CSR, Regulations and Representation, Membership and Awards.  Each committee is led by an Eventia board member and various industry professionals. These are complemented from time to time by specialist groups

This and much more is available for you as an Event professional, Eventia is here to support the industry, ensure the success and sustainability of our future as Live Marketing experts.

We look forward to engaging with you soon.

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