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Corporate Responsibility Support

A number of organisations offer support with Corporate Responsibility, either as holistic consultants or as specialists in a particular field. Eventia does not endorse these organisation's services, but provides them as a resource for members to evaluate to support their Corporate Responsibility activity. However Eventia do work with The Carbon Consultancy, as their preferred carbon partner, for the One Future Programme.

The Carbon Consultancy
The Carbon Consultancy specialises in the delivery of carbon emissions reporting, management, reduction and offset strategies. Its clients are predominantly from the travel industry and service sector where it works with its clients to support an understanding of the commercial and environmental importance of carbon management. The company has invested considerable time and research in its data reporting products which are designed to automate reporting and carbon management, enabling reduction of emissions and support for education, information and motivation initiatives. The Carbon Consultancy supports its clients with carbon reporting and carbon responsible procurement, creating carbon responsible supply chains, educating consumers and driving behavioural change. In the confused and complex landscape of corporate carbon, the company provides clear direction and support in line with best practice standards in the sector, enabling its clients to deliver long term, tangible emissions reduction benefits.

To better measure, store and understand your carbon emissions Eventia has engaged with The Carbon Consultancy to provide members with highly useful reporting tools. You will be able to calculate CO2 emissions for flight, vehicle, rail and power; save this in an on-line account for your business or by event and then review this information as required and offset if desired, all through the one tool. Click here to view a user guide to help you get started.

The Carbon Trust
The Carbon Trust is a private company set up by the Government in response to the threat of climate change. Its mission is to accelerate the move to a low carbon economy by developing commercial low carbon technologies and working with business and the public sector to reduce carbon emissions.

Elliotts Consulting Limited
Elliotts Consulting provides specialist services to help and advise companies on how to integrate responsible Corporate Responsibility practices into their business strategy, thus creating a sustainable business model for profitable growth.

Carbon calculators
Carbon calculators are to be found primarily in an online environment for transport and domestic power usage and are used to promote behavioural change and/or support the purchase of carbon offset units. These calculators vary in their output and for corporate use only calculators which use DEFRA or GHG values should be used. The UK government online calculator is available at http://actonco2.direct.gov.uk/index.html

The data from this online tool is available via a webservice, with additional GHG data and refined real world emissions values from www.carbonresponsible.com, where you can access a directory of online calculators and understand their values and datasets.

Resource Efficiency and Corporate Responsibility - Managing Change
A free downloadable guide written by Phil Harding (Government Office for the South West) and John Pooley (The John Pooley Consultancy) in partnership with Envirowise. It is also endorsed by the Carbon Trust, ESTA (the Energy Services and Technology Association), the South West of England Regional Development Agency and the South West Climate Change Impacts Partnership. www.oursouthwest.com/SusBus/mggchange.html

Envirowise offers UK businesses free, independent, confidential advice and support on practical ways to increase profits, minimise waste and reduce environmental impact.

London Remade
Helping London reduce, reuse and recycle its waste by developing markets for recycled materials to be made into new products.

The Mayor of London's Green Procurement Code
A free support service for London based organisations committed to reducing their environmental impact through responsible purchasing. The programme is supported by £3 million from the London Development Agency and is delivered by London Remade.

Green Tomato
Cabbies with a conscience, Green Tomato Cars are a Hammersmith based company who provide an environmentally friendly taxi service via a fleet of Toyota Prius saloons that have an engine that runs partly on electric battery and partly on fuel. This means their carbon emission is only half that of a traditional black cab and the company offsets the unavoidable emissions. There's no compromise on quality and no premium on the price. The company operates 24/7 across London. Call 020 8568 0022

Eco Friendly / Recycled Product Providers

The following companies offer eco friendly / recycled products. Remember when selecting such products it is always worth considering not only what they are made of, but where they have been produced, as their transportation has a strong bearing on how environmental they really are.

> Firebrand Promotions

> Allwag Promotions Limited

> Concept Incentives

> Ultimate Incentive

> If Solutions

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